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At Andalucia4You as Real Estate Advisors, we have the honour to participate and contribute to the most important moments in people’s life.
Life puts us as humans in very different situations where important decisions have to be made.

In North-Western culture and developments in society, we see that people are increasingly struggling with changes. As a result, there is much more pressure on work-life balance and people are much more concerned and insecure about their future.

Andalucia4You as an international network Real Estate consultancy organisation, (Dutch Management) focuses on the foreign market. We closely follow market developments in Europe and worldwide. There is an increasing shortage of homes measured in the Netherlands and Belgium. Due to the price increase for building materials in 2022, the new construction projects are to be delivered later and at a higher price. This should result in the growing resales market, however, due to the recent increment in mortgage interest rates in 2023, people can spend less money. As a result, prices for resales are rising slower than in 2022 and people are waiting to put their properties on the market for sale in the Netherlands and Belgium.

In Germany, the market is even starting to stagnate. But what should one do with their accumulated capital during this volatile market trend in their home country?

In the United States, due to all kinds of changes, people prefer to invest in, or even relocate to Europe. Southern Spain is one of the most popular destinations!

On the other hand, in Spain there is still a strong growing market. There is plenty of new construction projects for beautiful high quality build complexes and villas. Home sales in Spain have increased during 2022 by 14,7%. Property demand remains robust in 2023 and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find a home.

Also the prices for rental properties have risen sharply, which on one hand attracts investors and on the other hand causing working middle class Spaniards to switch to buying a home with a mortgage instead of renting one.

Andalucia4You agenda is filled with customers from different nationalities who rush to Spain during September and October, when you can combine business with pleasure, choose and buy a house and take part in traditional festivals, which are so numerous here in Andalucía in the early fall.

We see it as our primary task to make the important moments in yours, ours, clients and friends lives as enjoyable and stress free as possible. For advice and guidance on purchase and sale of your Real Estate in Southern Spain, Andalusia, contact us:

Our office is located in Caleta de Vélez, Avenida Andalucia 125
Phone: (0034) 952 720 832
Whatsapp: (0034) 634 357 026


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Please feel free to use our A4-inquiry form to communicate your wishes and ideas. If you require any further information contact us or make an appointment at our office in Caleta de Vélez.
We look forward to hearing from you.

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