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Properties for sale in Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella

Canillas de Aceituno

The name of Canillas de Aceituno has its etymological roots in the Latin word Cann-illae (area of sugarcane fields) and the Arabic word Azeytuni (woven and dyed silk), with the production and trade of silk being the most productive activity that the Muslims developed in the area.

In the municipality of Canillas de Aceituno is the famous peak of La Maroma, the highest mountian in the province of Malaga. Due to its unique location, this town in Axarquía is a perfect place to enjoy nature, but also culture. Founded during Muslim domination, the town preserves, like its neighbor Sedella, its Arab heritage, which can be seen in the design of its streets and many other architectural examples. It is a part of the “Mudejar Route” and in some of its intricate streets we find algorfas or entrance arches. Highlights as points of interest are the Casa de los Diezmos or the Casa de la Reina Mora, La Casa Esgrafida, decorated with Moorish motifs and horseshoe arches. The Arab cistern, the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary from the 16th century and the remains of the Arabic castle located in the square with the same name. But the real spectacle is offered by the town in the decoration of its streets, where flowers occupy an important place, and can be considered intrinsic elements of its architecture. After the walk, in both towns we will find various bars and restaurants where we can recharge our batteries with delicious traditional foods from Axarquía: the finishing touch to another beautiful day in a unique inviroment. 

El Saltillo

The El Saltillo route belongs to Canillas de Aceituno and connects with the next village, Sedella, and with the Gran Senda (GR-249) of Málaga. It is located in the heart of the Sierra Tejeda Natural Park. This path allows us, with a hiking sometimes dificult route due to the narrow path and the overhangs, to view a large part of the region, La Maroma (the highest point in Malaga) and the spectacular ravine of the Almanchares River with waterfalls, as well as observe the olivegrove that borders the Natural Park.

Nicknamed The Caminito del Rey of Axarquía, the route runs along an irrigation ditch and crosses the ravine of the Almanchares River, where the famous suspension bridge is located, one of the three largest suspension bridges in Spain.

In October 2020, Málaga inaugurated the El Saltillo bridge, the jewel of the route built between Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno. At 54 meters long and 1.20 meters wide, it is the third longest suspension bridge in Spain. It is only surpassed by one of the many that hang from the Congost de Mont-rebei (83m), between Catalonia and Aragon; and that of Cahorros (63m), in Granada. Saltillo is not suitable for those who are afraid of heights, as it is more than 60 meters above the Almanchares River.

Until its construction, this part of the route had to be done on the shoulder of the road, so the bridge not only offers a new experience, but also makes the route safer and promotes tourism on the Gran Senda de Málaga.


Like the rest of the towns that are part of La Axarquia, it is very likely that the settlement of Sedella has very ancient origins and that this area was known by the Romans, judging by the remains found, coins, ceramics , etc. It is possible that its name comes from the Latin term sedilia which in the Late Empire meant rural location or possessions.

Sedella is an example of a town that has known how to preserve the essence of its Arab past. Its white houses decorated with flowers and its secluded streets are the hallmark of this town, surrounded by surprising landscapes. In addition to the ruins of the fortress, in Sedella it is worth visiting the church of San Andrés. Inside, sculptures and cult objects made between the 17th and 18th centuries are preserved. Next to the church, we find Casa Torreón, a private home that preserves a Mudejar tower with Moorish decoration. In its Sierra de Tejeda, there is the old Arrieros path, the Horeada cave, the Maroma peak and the Salto del Caballo peak.

Nowadays we see that artists and people who appreciate unspoiled nature find themselves in the authentic towns of Axarquia. More than 20 different nationalities live in Canillas de Aceituno and Sedella.

We invite you to discover this beautiful area with us!

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