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Holidays and Festivals Axarquia May 2024

May 1: Labor Day, public holiday.

May Day, also called Workers' Day or International Workers' Day, is the day that commemorates the struggles and gains made by workers and the labour movement. It is observed in many countries on May 1.

Frigiliana May 3: the Day of the Cross

On Friday, May 3, Frigiliana will be decorated with flower crosses in honor of the celebration of the Day of the Cross. Like every year, this tradition is celebrated with flower crosses, made by the locals, which are distributed throughout the town and along with each cross, free tastings are offered, with cane honey and local wine, to the visitors.
Starting at 5 p.m., the tour of the crosses will begin, leaving from Andalucía Park and will be entertained by the Rociero Peña de la Amistad choir, by the Frigiliana Choir and Dance Group, and by the Frigiliana Friends of Music Band. and the Tunas of Law, Philosophy and Letters.
The Day of the Cross is a playful and joyful festival that in Frigiliana is experienced in a very special and participatory way.

Frigiliana may 4: Sugar Cane Honey Day

The Sugarcane Honey Day is organized in front of the Frigiliana sugarcane honey factory. It is the only place in continental Europe that produces it today. Sugarcane honey is a unique product. Frigiliana is also one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. This sugar cane honey is obtained from the crushing of sugar cane. The recipe has not changed for centuries.
Cane honey is used in many local dishes and is very popular with sheep's or goat's cheese. The most famous dish is “Fried eggplants with cane honey”.


Sayalonga May 5: Nispero Day, local festival.

On the first Sunday of May of each year, the Day of the Níspero is celebrated, a fruit that is produced in this area in abundance. The local farmers will organise degustation of the fruit and share their experiences about this tropical fruit. There will be as well flamenco and other live music shows during the fastival. One of the most peculiar festivals in the province of Malaga.

Almayate May 5: Romeria Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.

The word "romería" (pilgrimage) comes from "romero", a name given to pilgrims who go to Rome. On a local level, it is a pilgrimage that crosses the villages and leads to a church. This pilgrimage takes one or two days and is done by horse or ox cart or on foot.

The pilgrimages, very typical in Andalusia, have very ancient origins. These are important days in Andalusia and they are very colorful with the processions of decorated carriages.

Almachar May 6: Function of the Santo Cristo de la Banda Verde

This festival, celebrated on the first weekend of May, is celebrated in honor of the Holy Christ of the green band, which, although not the patron saint of the municipality, is the religious image with the most devotion and following by both the residents of Almáchar, as well as residents of neighboring towns and especially residents who were forced to emigrate to the north of Spain. On Sunday, Christ is taken out in a massive procession, and one of the most exciting and emotional in the area.

Nerja May 15: the San Isidro Pilgrimage

The San Isidro Pilgrimage in Nerja is a popular celebration that takes place every year in honor of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of farmers and the city of Nerja. The festival takes place on May 15 and is one of the most important in the city.
During the Pilgrimage, a procession takes place in which the image of San Isidro is carried in a cart decorated with flowers and pulled by tractors. The procession begins at the Church of El Salvador and heads to Maro, where an open-air mass is held in honor of the saint.
The festival is very popular among the inhabitants of Nerja and visitors to the city, who join the procession and participate in the celebration and its route.
Furthermore, in the area of the Nerja Cave where the mass is celebrated, food and drink stalls are set up, where you can taste typical dishes of local cuisine. The San Isidro Pilgrimage is a very lively and colorful celebration that reflects the tradition and culture of the city of Nerja and Maro.

Periana May 15: San Isidro Labrador

The procession of the image takes place through the streets of the town, the neighbors pour tons of wheat on the image, the offering of wheat means gratitude to the saint for the favors granted.
The tradition began under Moorish domination, when the farmers wanted to thank San Isidro for the harvest obtained.

Viñuela May 24-27: Pilgrimage of La Viñuela, Romanes and the Gómez

Although this pilgrimage custom is relatively recent, its origin is confirmed many years ago, when the image of Saint Joseph was brought out in prayer for rain, a custom that has not yet been completely lost in certain towns in the province of Malaga, in the That, when the dry season lasts too long, it is not unusual to resort to this tradition.
Throughout the weekend, from Friday to Sunday, this event is experienced with great intensity, where the images of San José, the Miraculous Virgin and the Virgin go out in pilgrimage from the three population centers of the municipality of La Viñuela. del Carmen, which are the patterns of each population center.
The triple pilgrimage of La Viñuela, Los Gómez and los Romanes brings together the three population centers on the banks of the reservoir to celebrate a very intense weekend.

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