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Frans & José

Hola, We are José and Frans,

Our story begins in 2015, we were looking for another destination for our holidays. In September we rented a detached house in the mountains between Torrox and Cómpeta, we loved it !!! Afterwards we came several times to Andalusia and have rented several houses and enjoyed the great views, the natural environment, the warmth and the sun. During the spring of 2018 we decided to investigate carefully about buying a nice detached property, but where do we start?

We asked our rental coordinator for advice and thus came to Victoria who was working as a Property Advisor. We could communicate soon our wishes and Victoria sent us through the selection of properties. We were also active searching on-line from the Netherlands and could pass our selections to Victoria so she could do the research and see whether the properties would meet our requirements.

Eventually we agreed to come to Spain in September of 2018.

We went on tour with Victoria to see the 1st property in the village of Iznate. We really wanted to see this house, but Victoria warned us that due to several aspects we might be disappointed. And unfortunatelly it was something different to our expectation and this house would certainly not become our home. But no worries, it is what it is, we thought that this would probably take years before we finally find a place of our dreams.

The best moment was when we realized that we were focused too much on the distance to the airport and the beach. So we kept looking up to a certain height on the map of the area until Victoria pointed out that although some distances are longer, in case the property has a good access road, it´s easy and quickly accessible. She suggested to view a villa which was for sale - a house that would suit us.

We gave it the benefit of the doubt. She then could anticipate quickly and managed to arrange the visit the same day - as we were discussing.

We were surprised, the house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a pool, the property exceeded our expectations. The view from the terrace reaches far beyond the lake with a beautiful surrounding mountains.

We didn´t stay too long at the property as it was slightly above our budget, but we agreed that we would try to negotiate. We placed an offer and went back to the Netherlands. We were kept informed well during the negotiations and as you already probably have guessed, a few days later the sale was closed... we could not believe it but it was really done. We were advised well in the next stages too and were brought in contact by Victoria with an excellent lawyer and notary office.

By December of 2018 the lawyer had figured out everything and after the necessary corrections of the paperwork were done, we received the keys... Now the place is transformed into Villa Vinuela.

We are extremely grateful to Victoria for all the support!

We look back with pleasure to our search and fully enjoy our dream place in the Spanish sun.

Congratulations with your new office in Caleta de Vélez: Andalucia4you!

Best wishes,
José & Frans

Anja & Danny

I was dreaming for years to be able to live and work in the sunny south of Europe.

After a career of more than 30 years as a healthcare expert, it was time for a new life. A small B & B to operate, be my own boss and live without stress.

I just had to convince my husband to go on this adventure with me.

We have viewed many properties also in other areas of Spain but preferred Andalusia and more specifically the 'Axarquía region, "El mejor clima de Europa' and los pueblos blancos'.

Through friends we came into contact with Victoria to whom we could pass our wishes. For several weeks before our visit to Spain we have viewed the selections of propeties sent by Victoria to Belgium and thus, in good communication, we began our search with her for our ideal home in Axarquía. Once in Spain, Victoria took us on a week long tour and always accompanied us with expert advice in a pleasant way. Non of our comments was too much for her. Until we were standing in front of our dream house in the pretty mountain village of Cómpeta. Everything went according to the plan: we made a offer - Victoria negotiated for us and - et voila! - 3 months later we could already receive the keys to our dream house.

Thank you Victoria, thanks to your super good cooperation - our wish came true.

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