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Client Testimonials

Edwin & Lisette

In our search for a house in Spain we encountered Victoria, the manager of

Before we went to visit some houses in October 2023 we already found some properties ourselves on the internet. Victoria provided us with the right information on locations including great alternative locations to visit.

The indications of our requirements we gave to Victoria were not really precisely defined, but nevertheless she understood what we were looking for. That is why she showed us pictures of “Villa Vista Albóran”, the house we finally bought.

Victoria took us to several houses (some we have chosen and some were chosen by Victoria) and on the way to those properties she told us a lot about living in Spain and the differences with Dutch regulations we would encounter. This information eventually was very important to us.

At “Villa Vista Albóran” we immediately fell in love with the house and everything around it. However, we didn’t place a 10% deposit on the property until December 2023, because we wanted to be sure that we would make the right choice. 

Victoria connected us to a lawyer who showed to be really good at his job. And so in April 2024 we completed the sale and got the keys to our own dream house in Spain. We are making it our home now. But it is not just our home, because we also want other people to enjoy this great place. So “Villa Vista Albóran” is open for rentals, ask for more information.

Without the help of Victoria and Andalucia4you team we would not have found the Villa we are so much in love with. So: thank you ever so much, Victoria!

Edwin & Lisette 

Hugo & Rosine

Hugo & Rosine 

It has now been about a year since we stood in front of the Andalucia4you office and one particular photo lured us in. 

Victoria showed us several photos of a sea view apartment and we arranged for a viewing that same week. 

We were a bit surprised that it was right on the well-known N 340 road and feared a lot of noise; However, once inside the spacious hall on the 4th floor, it was precisely that space that we really liked. The living room with 2 large thermal windows brought in the sun and kept the noise out. The terrace spanned the entire width and indeed had a view of the sea. I immediately felt that this was what I wanted for us, but the husband wanted to rent, not buy, and had to make some adjustments. 

The decision to buy was made quickly and Victoria and her team arranged EVERYTHING, the lawyer, the notary, the necessary paperwork, everything. The fact that she speaks several languages is also a plus. 

We have been the happy owners of a duplex penthouse with a sea view for a year now and the husband is now also enthusiastic. Thanks Victoria. " 

Warm regards from Caleta de Vélez. 

H & R


I retired at the end of January 2023 and had long been planning to move to Spain permanently. From mid-2021, I started searching and wrote to several estate agents to pass on my wishes. I also visited fairs, the most interesting properties were usually already sold....

By chance I ended up at Andalousia4you and Victoria, our first contact dates from sometime in early January 2023. Victoria did have what could interest me, so I booked in a flight to Málaga in the 2nd week of February, no return, I thought I'd stay until I found something and I was retired anyway, plenty of time (they say...) Suddenly in mid-January the alert Victoria turns up, she has a cancellation and it's a property that completely suits my needs. But on that short period I can't get to Spain, so then I did a visit via video whatsapp. It was still a shell, the new development and until it's finished you don't get in there in Spain. A corner, ground floor with a garden, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, not far from the sea, a very quiet area in Algarrobo Costa. In short, everything meets my wishes and I have Victoria take it off the market one day later. I had found my ideal property in Spain thanks to Victoria who knows how to get things done!

From January to October (handing over of the keys), I could always call on Victoria. Even at the handover on 27 September, Victoria was there. Victoria responds quickly, which gives confidence. She also arranged a contractor for the garden landscaping and home insurances. I enquired Victoria: I would like to rent another garage to store things, she also arranged this. My flat only had pre-air conditioning, again Victoria knew someone who could take care of that.

To people who want to buy something in Spain, I would like to give the following advice: make sure you visit Victoria in Caleta de Velez, otherwise you've definitely missed out!

Sometime in March my final move is planned, I am looking forward to living in my newly built flat, enjoying the surroundings, the beautiful finishes and the nice neighbours I have got to know during my monthly trips to Algarrobo.

With huge thanks to Victoria and Andalusia4you, and that 4you is really with her!

Marc Algarrobo 19 December 2023


Hi, I am Sancia, have lived in Spain for 30 years, & after my husband died in May 2020, lived alone in the Campo of Arenas.

I realized that, due to my advanced years, the authorities could decide not to renew my driving license.

Better not leave it till it happens, before moving into a more accessible location. A decision made by the head & not the heart...

The house had been on the market with 3 agents for a year, with no positive result. Then I heard about Victoria & Andalucia4you. So removed the house from the 3 agents & went solo with Victoria. I could not have made a better choice. Total commitment, as though I was the only client on her books - beautiful photos, video with both local & international promotion- all carried out in a very professional but friendly manner.

The only couple Victoria brought to see the house, decided it was for them.

But what now?? Where do I want to be? - Not back to the U.K.

I told Victoria "I needed an apartment & Victoria found several, which I saw on line & decided I could not live in one.

local "I have a house - or in fact 2" Victoria announces, as though she expected my reaction.

So an appointment was arranged to see the 2 on the same day, as they were both on the same urbanisation.

As soon as I saw the first one, I felt it could be my new home -immaculately clean, modern & near to Doctor, Post Office, Ayuntamiento, shops, bars & restaurants.

This was only within 2 weeks of accepting the offer on my house.

Victoria and her team has seen me through both the sale of my house & purchase of my new home. Nothing has been too much trouble for her, answering questions which had nothing to do with the sale or purchase.

Even arranging an appointment with a stair lift company, to help me with the 2 flights of stairs. To be installed in the New Year.

I cannot speak too highly of Victoria & Andalucia4you & would recommend her & her colleague to anyone looking to either sell their house or to buy a new home.

Danny and Marleen

In May 2023 I came with a colleague to Andalusia for 1 week and immediately fell in love with the beautiful surroundings, the sea, the mountains, the peace and quiet and the blue sky with lots of sunshine. With a good feeling I left after that week back to Belgium and convinced my husband Danny of the beautiful surroundings. Together we then left at the end of August with the mobile home for the Spanish sun. After 1 week of rest, and some touring in the mountains, we knew we wanted to find our dream house here. Ever since I was a child, it had been my dream to have a small bungalow...what they call a finca here as a holiday home. That's how we came across andalucia4you and contacted Victoria. We explained to her our preferences of cottages and in those 2 weeks we visited several cottages. Victoria picked us up, explained the surroundings along the way, nothing was too much for her and she was always ready, even on a Saturday morning.

A few days before we left for Belgium, we found our dream house thanks to Victoria. On 8 December we returned and on 14 December we received the keys. Thanks to Victoria and Andalucia4you, her hard work in finding everyone's needs we would recommend to everyone.
Thank you Victoria for your gentle and calm appearance, your professional commitment, with passion and with all your heart you do your work, you make people happy finding their dream home under the Spanish Andalusian sun.

Lots of love, Danny and Marleen

Ron and Vesna

Our search for a house in southern Spain started a year and a half ago.

We came into contact with Victoria from Andalusie4you. She asked us what our wishes were and together with her our search began.

After several viewings and a potential property in mind, things turned out differently and we had to pause our search for a while.

But after a few months, Victoria found a beautiful home!

After an initial video viewing, we quickly went to Spain to physically view the house, in the Campo of the picturesque white village of Arenas. What a sight!

We fell in love with the view and the house met all the important wishes we had.

Thanks to the hard work of Victoria and her professional network, everything went well and we have been the proud owners of this beautiful house since November 30!

Grateful that Victoria came our way and for the great collaboration!

On to a bright new sunny future.


Hasta luego,


Ron en Vesna


Our search, also thanks to professional assistance from Victoria and her team, went very quickly: there was less than a month between the very beginning of our search and the purchase of our apartment in Nerja.

We saw a beautiful apartment in Torrox on the Andalucia4you site. After I contacted them about it by email, I immediately received a message from Victoria and she asked what were our wishes/requirements.

Our biggest wishes were: sea view, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and close to a town/village.

We were immediately forwarded a number of apartments that met our wishes. The communication with Victoria was also nice. Thanks to her, we increasingly, step by step, discovered what was really important for us.

Less than a month after our first contact with Victoria, I boarded a plane to view five apartments in Torrox Costa and Nerja. Unfortunately, my husband was unable to come with me because of his work, but I got a pass from him: the sea view was the most important thing for him and he had actually already made his choice based on photos and an apartment in Nerja was his absolute preference.

Victoria and I went out together to view properties during the whole afternoon: nothing was too much for her. I immediately fell in love with the apartment in Nerja and in consultation with Victoria I made an offer on the spot, which was immediately accepted.

Victoria has been my source of support throughout the entire purchasing process: she put me in touch with a lawyer and an insurance agent and arranged an appointment with the bank. Victoria always responded immediately to my many questions during the purchasing process and the handling, in a very friendly and adequate manner, which made the entire process (which I initially dreaded because of all the stories I had read on the internet in advance) extremely smooth.

I am extremely grateful to her for that. I can recommend Andalucia4you and Victoria in particular to anyone looking for a home in Andalusia.

Eugénie (Nerja, November 2023)

Roger & Jill

Our journey has been a somewhat long one, but not through lack of enthusiasm on Victoria's part, and we finally completed on the sale of our villa just outside Almáchar in 2023. Victoria has worked her socks off over a long period of time and we really do appreciate her hard work. She is professional and friendly at the same time, and her communication has always been excellent. Her patience with us being of an older generation using technology has been admirable (and we're sure this was testing at some times!) Thank you so much for your hard work, Victoria. We recommend anyone looking for their dream home, or equally anyone wishing to sell their property, to contact you. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Roger & Jill

Mike & Ellen

We are Mike and Ellen, a German couple with the dream of a home at Costa del Sol.

At the beginning of our search we had clear ideas, but they changed...

After eight months scrolling through different search engines and some disappointments (photos/videos on the internet do not always match reality) we found our dream: a little finca near Vélez-Málaga with a fantastic panoramic view.

Anyone who knows this situation knows how many uncertain moments there are in buying a property from a distance of thousands of kilometres as well.


With her competence and helpfulness, she accompanied us until the keys were handed over. She arranged for a reputable lawyer and ensured that the house was cleared and cleaned. 

We are thankful and happy now and would always recommend Victoria and Andalucía4you.

And should we exchange the house for another property, for example for reasons of age, we will return. 

Saludos agradecidos,

Ellen and Mike

Gitte and Michael from Denmark

We used Victoria from Andalucia4you to help us find our dream house in Spain.

When we found the right property for us, Victoria and her team was very helpful to support us with the negotiations and a lawyer that made the check up on the property and all the paperwork.

Victoria is communicating in an open and honest way and this has been highly appreciated when it is the first time you buy a house in Spain.

Everything takes time in Spain, but Victoria kept us informed all the way through and we ended up with a beautiful house in the mountains with the most fantastic view towards the Mediterranean.

We can give our best recommendations to use Andalucia4you team for buying a house.

Best regards,
Gitte and Michael

Anita and Pieter

What an adventure we have had in the recent months. After a long search for a house we had a clear idea in mind. Scrolling though search engines I suddenly saw a photograph of only a swimming pool passing by. I clicked on it and very surprisingly this was the house that met our wishes! Only it was in a completely different area than where we were initially looking. I requested a viewing with Andalucia4You and we flew to Malaga to see “the property” with Victoria. We took our child and our dog along with us and on arrival I got goosebumps which was a good sign for me. The property was very well maintained and offered perspectives to make it completely to our taste. We explored this beautiful inland area and were charmed by the "real Andalusia" away from too many tourists. There is still a lot to discover and that attracts us, nice touring and enjoying the gorgeous views and pure nature.

We made an offer, negotiated and on November 7, 2022 the time had come, we recieved the keys and the house was written into our names. Spain would not be Spain if everything went smoothly, but thanks to the guidance and tranquility of Victoria, we kept faith that everything would be all right. And yes, everything went well and we are now the happy owners of a mini paradise that we would like to share with our family and friends.
If anyone asks us do you know a Dutch Real Estate broker I would always recommend Andlaucia4you. Victoria´s accuracy and reliability was very important to us.
Saludos Anita and Pieter

Gerda & Halbe

Our wish has become a reality, thanks to Victoria from Andalucia4you.

In April 2022 we went to Andalucia with Gerda's family, it was a present for the 85th birthday of Gerda's father.

The idea was to show the area where we might want to buy a house in a while to come to Spain more often and for longer period. Gerda´s father is a retired Real Estate Agent and he said: “when we get there, I not only want to see the area, but also like to view some properties”. We called Andalucia4you, Gerda got Victoria on the line. It was around Easter, which means that there are few opportunities to visit homes around the holidays, moreover, it was a short day. But Victoria and her team managed to organize visits and show us several houses. This gave us a good picture of the market. Because we were looking in a certain price range, we came across some houses that still needed some work. We then decided to look for a house with little work in a slightly higher price range.

In June a message came from Victoria that she has found something that met our wishes. We then booked another flight. But now to fly to Spain for just one house?… we asked for advice to  Victoria and found a number of interesting properties. Victoria and her team are very well aware of which homes are available or reserved. Again she scheduled all appointments for us.

Together with Victoria we have looked at all the houses. In the end it was not at the house for which we came to Spain originally, but at one of the other houses the feeling was so good that we went all for it earlier than intended.

Since October 2022 we can therefore call ourselves the proud owners of a beautiful villa in the mountains with a magnificent view, 30 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the beach. We had quite a few questions during the process and found it quite exciting, Victoria and her team assisted us well and kept us informed throughout. When they didn't know the answer directly, they made sure they found the answer for us. We are very happy to have met Victoria!

We can certainly recommend Andalucia4you!

Gerard & Chantal

We are Gerard and Chantal, a Dutch couple who decided in the autumn of 2021 to look for a (holiday) home in the interior of the Axarquía.

We came into contact with Andalucia4you and we presented our wishes to Victoria. Thanks to her enormous efforts and her network with many contacts, we have succeeded in purchasing our dream home near Periana. She was always available and willing to help us. She left nothing in the air and is aware of everything. Nothing was too much for her; even after the purchase has been completed she was organizing the maintenance of the pool, some renovation works and services, while we were not there yet.

Buying a house abroad is often very stressful, but thanks to the great guidance and professional work of Victoria and her team we did not experience it that way. We are very happy with Andalucia4you and would highly recommend their services.

Gerard & Chantal

Wim & Gitte

Hi everybody,

In June 2021 we Wim and Gitte decided to try to make our dream come true.

We have been coming to Andalusia for years.

We contacted Andalucia4you and Victoria responded immediately.

We explained what we were looking for to her and she started sending us suggestions. We found a common language with Victoria quickly. We´ve seen and clicked on various homes from the Netherlands and finally, at the end of August, we went out seriously looking at houses in Spain for the first time.

But that wasn't it yet. At the end of September we also had a number of homes on the schedule.

Victoria also searched with us. We wanted a cortijo / finca with land.

Well, we've climbed and ridden a lot of mountains.

They were beautiful houses. But our good intentions almost evaporated when we realised that non of these properties gave us the feeling of our dream home…

But…. Victoria had something in store for us.

A very different kind of house close to all amenities and not really into the countryside.

And…. the very last house we saw 2 days before we went back to Holland, Bingo, this is it!

We are very happy that it worked.

Because Victoria felt us so well, we have such a beautiful house, in a beautiful place.

We would definitely recommend Victoria and her team Andalucia4you!

Victoria feels you flawlessly, is very patient and nothing is too much for her.

She helps you where she can. It was a long journey for us but she always had the confidence that everything would be fine. And that's right, it all turned out okay.

Thanks again 1000x

Carla & Ton

We put our apartment up for sale with Andalucia4you and within 1 week Victoria found a potential buyer who then bought it. In the end everything took 2 weeks. Andalucia4you also guided us well with the entire transaction regarding the sale. If we have something to sell or want to buy a property again, we will approach Victoria and her team from Andalucia4you again.

Carla and Ton, Apartment Peñoncillo, Torrox Costa

Marc & Lizzy

On 01-10-2021 we received the key to our beautiful villa in the mountains of Axarquía, near the village of Vinuela.

We started looking in April/May 2021 and came in contact with Victoria from Andalucia4you, who assisted us in the search for a house in Andalucia, Costa del Sol.

We visited several houses/villas together as well on the East as West side of Málaga and quickly found the right one.

The purchase of the villa went super thanks to the full and professional guidance of Victoria and her team.

If you are looking for a property/finca/villa, we highly recommend that you contact Andalucia4you.

Victoria, thank you for everything!!

Ann-Marie H.

Victoria from Andalucia4you made buying my apartment a wonderful experience. I was new to home buying, and in a country where I did not speak the language. Victoria was professional and personal and spoke fluent English! Victoria was always available through the whole process to help me every step of the way.

Victoria is absolutely wonderful to work with. She was one of the few realtors that stuck by me. Victoria took the time to understand my requirements and found the correct apartment for me within 1 month, even giving me ideas on how to better utilize the space.

Victoria is like having a friend on the “inside” that is working for you. She really cares about her clients.

Rolf and Erna

We, Rolf and Erna, enjoyed living in the campo in Algarrobo, Costa del Sol for 9 years. We rented out 2 holiday homes there.

After 8 years we decided to sell our house. The income from the rental was no longer necessary due to pension income.

The 6000 m2 of land was a lot of work to maintain properly. We asked several real estate agents to sell our house, including Andalucia4you. Victoria was the real estate agent who organized most of the viewings for our house. This was always done in good communication and in a very pleasant atmosphere. She was not the estate agent, who was lucky enough to finally sell our house, but given the good experiences with Victoria, we asked her to guide us during our search for a new home. We wanted a penthouse right on the sea with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large outdoor area. This penthouse was supposed to be between Torrox and Torre del Mar. Victoria came up with a number of suggestions despite what she said would be a difficult search given our needs and budget. We eventually found a nice apartment in Calaceite near Torrox through her. Unfortunately, that didn't work out, because another buyer was just ahead of us. In the meantime, our house had been sold and we lived in our camper van. We had also looked at just about all the possibilities that were available.

Then Victoria came up with an option that didn't quite meet our requirements. A semi detached bungalow/villa in Torrox Park.

However, the pictures made us enthusiastic and once we visited the house, we decided to go for it. During our search we realized that what we wanted was certainly not possible in a reasonable short time. And this house was beautiful. Ready to move in, completely modernized, everything on the ground floor. It was actually like a penthouse but with a nice garden and a beautiful view to the sea and the surroundings from the roof terrace. During the buying process there were still a few obstacles to overcome, which Victoria managed to solve professionally together with our lawyer.

We have experienced the cooperation with Victoria as very pleasant. She was honest, punctual and knowledgeable.

We can therefore highly recommend Andalucia4you and wish Victoria and her team a bright future.

Rolf and Erna.

Sebastián & Therese


We are Sebastián and Therese, a Swedish-Spanish couple, who live in La Caleta de Vélez. We have finally sold our property by contacting Andalucia4you (after 4 years of trying with other real estate agencies) and thanks to the invaluable help of Victoria.

She has been a great professional and we have felt very calm and comfortable knowing that she was in charge of the sale. She is a very open and friendly person and we could consult with her any questions we had at the time.

Andalucia4you is a very professional and friendly team. Their extensive network includes lawyers and notaries, who have made the entire sales process very safe and easy for us. We are very satisfied with the service and we hope to continue counting on Victoria´s help for other real estate negotiations.


Kind regards from Therese and Sebastián.

Maurice & Rita

On Wednesday 12 May 2021 we were proud to receive the key to our dream house in Torrox Costa.

Unbelievable how smoothly everything has gone here in these difficult times, thank you very much Victoria!

Not everything is a deceptive appearance, but dare to take action and believe in a bright future.

Look ahead and trust the right people who will make your dream come true together with you (us).

A new adventure, a new beginning and many more beautiful years in the Spanish sun!

Anja & Danny

I was dreaming for years to be able to live and work in the sunny south of Europe.

After a career of more than 30 years as a healthcare expert, it was time for a new life. A small B&B to operate, be my own boss and live without stress.

I just had to convince my husband to go on this adventure with me.

We have viewed many properties also in other areas of Spain but preferred Andalusia and more specifically the 'Axarquía region, "El mejor clima de Europa' and los pueblos blancos'.

Through friends we came into contact with Victoria to whom we could pass our wishes. For several weeks before our visit to Spain we have viewed the selections of propeties sent by Victoria to Belgium and thus, in good communication, we began our search with her for our ideal home in Axarquía. Once in Spain, Victoria took us on a week long tour and always accompanied us with expert advice in a pleasant way. Non of our comments was too much for her. Until we were standing in front of our dream house in the pretty mountain village of Cómpeta. Everything went according to the plan: we made a offer - Victoria negotiated for us and - et voila! - 3 months later we could already receive the keys to our dream house.

Thank you Victoria, thanks to your super good cooperation - our wish came true:

Marlen K.

I would be happy to recommend Victoria and Andalucia4You Team.

If you are looking for a property you can count on real help with your search and nothing will be too much for them. 

Once you have found something, you can rely on fast, punctual and correct processing. Andalucia4you has a professional network with trustworthy partners, legal advisers and will accompany you through the entire buying process to the notary. Andalucia4you is that kind of Real Estate Agency who works hard for you to achieve the result.  Great experience!

Thank you.

Andy & Cath

We'd just like to thank Victoria and Andalucia4you team for all their hard work and professionalism whilst we've been searching for our dream retirement property in Andalusia.

Victoria has been a tower of strength during a period of world wide uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, always ensuring that we were well supported when things were becoming more and more complex in the UK with the effects of lockdown and reduced services.

We cannot thank her enough for guiding us through the buying process and ultimately helping us to secure our dream property in the beautiful Country side of Axarquía. Great after sales service as well providing a support network now we have received the keys!

Thank-you Victoria!

We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Andalucia4you services as you are a consummate professional!

Frans & José

Hola, We are José and Frans,

Our story begins in 2015, we were looking for another destination for our holidays. In September we rented a detached house in the mountains between Torrox and Cómpeta, we loved it !!! Afterwards we came several times to Andalusia and have rented several houses and enjoyed the great views, the natural environment, the warmth and the sun. During the spring of 2018 we decided to investigate carefully about buying a nice detached property, but where do we start?

We asked our rental coordinator for advice and thus came to Victoria who was working as a Property Advisor. We could communicate soon our wishes and Victoria sent us through the selection of properties. We were also active searching on-line from the Netherlands and could pass our selections to Victoria so she could do the research and see whether the properties would meet our requirements.

Eventually we agreed to come to Spain in September of 2018.

We went on tour with Victoria to see the 1st property in the village of Iznate. We really wanted to see this house, but Victoria warned us that due to several aspects we might be disappointed. And unfortunatelly it was something different to our expectation and this house would certainly not become our home. But no worries, it is what it is, we thought that this would probably take years before we finally find a place of our dreams.

The best moment was when we realized that we were focused too much on the distance to the airport and the beach. So we kept looking up to a certain height on the map of the area until Victoria pointed out that although some distances are longer, in case the property has a good access road, it´s easy and quickly accessible. She suggested to view a villa which was for sale - a house that would suit us.

We gave it the benefit of the doubt. She then could anticipate quickly and managed to arrange the visit the same day - as we were discussing.

We were surprised, the house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms and a pool, the property exceeded our expectations. The view from the terrace reaches far beyond the lake with a beautiful surrounding mountains.

We didn´t stay too long at the property as it was slightly above our budget, but we agreed that we would try to negotiate. We placed an offer and went back to the Netherlands. We were kept informed well during the negotiations and as you already probably have guessed, a few days later the sale was closed... we could not believe it but it was really done. We were advised well in the next stages too and were brought in contact by Victoria with an excellent lawyer and notary office.

By December of 2018 the lawyer had figured out everything and after the necessary corrections of the paperwork were done, we received the keys... Now the place is transformed into Villa Vinuela.

We are extremely grateful to Victoria for all the support!

We look back with pleasure to our search and fully enjoy our dream place in the Spanish sun.

Congratulations with your new office in Caleta de Vélez: Andalucia4you!

Best wishes,
José & Frans

Hans & Sylvia

We are Hans and Sylvia and we bought a house with the help of Victoria from Andalucia4you.

We were looking for a Dutch speaking Real Estate Agent in southern Spain, we found Andalusia4you via Google.

During out introduction meeting we indicated our wishes, we really wanted an apartment by the sea.

Victoria went looking for us, preferences were Costa Tropical or coast towards Nerja / Costa del Sol.

In the end we went to see some apartments with Victoria in the same week and we fell head over heels for an apartment in Torrox-Costa/El Morche.

The sale went very smoothly within 4 days we signed the sales contract at the notary, due to the excellent cooperation with Victoria and the lawyer advised by her.

We have experienced the purchase guidance of Andalucia4you as very pleasant.

First of all we find Victoria very adequate, very reliable and honest, a pleasant person to work with.

Some examples:

Victoria was involved in the purchase of our kitchen - provided the connection for air conditioning and internet and extra power on our roof terrace.

We have had this house for almost a year now and we are very happy and in love with the area; You have everything here: beach / mountains / picturesque villages / lots of choice in restaurants and bars / large shopping centre and airport nearby.

In short, if you are looking for a good Real Estate agent who also takes care of everything, then think of Andalucia4you.

Greetings from Torrox, Hans and Sylvia

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