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List of required documents

First of all congratulations! You have found the right property 4 you and agreed on the price!

What's next?

1. Signed Reservation agreement

The reservation agreement between the seller and the buyer. It is a holding deposit agreement which allows you to reserve the property for a certain period (mostly during 4 weeks) to make legal research on the property and organize your financing. The amount of the holding deposit is between 3.000-6.000 Euros.

2. Signed Purchase Contract

The purchase contract is a private agreement between the seller and the buyer prepared by your solicitor after the legal research of the property has been done. Your solicitor confirms that the property paperwork is correct and you may proceed with the payment of 10% deposit to the seller. This 10% includes the earlier paid holding deposit. In this document you agree the time frame and the terms for the completion (usually between 2 and 4 weeks) after signing.

3. N.I.E. (Número Identificación Extranjero) Certificate

It's a document with your Foreign Identification Number which is necessary to obtain before the completion. You will need your N.I.E. to be able to make any transaction in Spain, from buying a property to vehicle or insurance policy. You can obtain N.I.E. by registering at the police station's foreigners department. The application can only be made in person or by your legal representative.

If you are relocating to Spain and plan to stay longer than 3 months. You may as well apply for Spanish residence later on. Ask our staff for more information.

4. Spanish Bank account contract

In order to be able to obtain contracts for utility services and pay your bills locally by standing order you'll need a Spanish bank account. We work with different banks and are available to answer your questions or make an appointment for you to assist you by opening your Spanish bank account.

5. Completion and signing Title Deeds (Escritura Compraventa)

The completion takes place at the local Notary office. The remain part of the purchase price is to be paid by the signing of the Title Deeds.

We always accompany our clients to the completion. Both parties the seller and the buyer and in case of mortgage your bank should be present in person at the Notary, unless one of the parties is not available to attend the meeting and has a legal representative (previously arranged a Power of Attorney). The Notary makes sure to identify the parties and verifies that the legal requirements and payments have been fulfilled correctly.

Please bring with you to the Notary as well the following documents:


In Spain both the seller and the buyer pay different taxes and fees when buying-selling a house.

The purchasing costs are approximately 10% on a resale property
to include:

If you are buying a new built property the purchasing costs are approximately 13%. Due to the fact that instead of the transfer tax VAT (IVA) is being charged and it is10%.

All the invoices and pay cheques will be attached to the original Title Deeds.

Andalucia4you has a free client registrations system and doens't charge any commission to the buyers in Málaga area.

Please note that this document is just a guide to help our clients to gather the information. No rights can be derived from this document.

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