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Holidays and Festivals Axarquia April 2024

Riogordo: El Paso de Riogordo, April 6th starting from 5 pm

El Paso de Riogordo is a true spectacle, recognized throughout Spain. It has been recognized as a festival of national tourist interest. The performances take place on Friday and Holy Saturday. The Passion of Christ is the set of events that preceded and accompanied the death of Jesus of Nazareth.

The show is quite exceptional and has 500 actors on a stage of 8000m² and presents the Passion of Christ through 17 scenes.

Vélez-Málaga: April 26th, La Fiesta de la Cruz.

 The Fiesta de la Cruz in Vélez-Málaga is a traditional Spanish local festival, in which many crosses are displayed in the city that day, all of them decorated with flowers. This festival is also called Las Cruces de Mayo de Vélez-Málaga.

 The word "romería" (pilgrimage) comes from "romero", a name given to pilgrims going to Rome. At the local level, it is a pilgrimage that crosses the villages and leads to a church. This pilgrimage lasts one or two days, and is done by horse- or oxen-drawn cart, or on foot.

The pilgrimages, very typical in Andalusia, have very ancient origins. These are important days in Andalusia and they are very colorful with the processions of decorated carriages.

Canillas de Aceituno: Morcilla (blood sausage) Day every year at the end of April. For lovers of Andalusian gastronomy it is recommended to discover this festival, which will take place on April 28. It coincides with the celebration of the Virgen de la Cabeza, patron saint of the town.

This festival is recognized as a “Tourist Singularity Festival”.

Sunday is the day to taste the Morcilla (with onion), and to have a glass of the local wine!

The town is famous for its gastronomic dishes such as baked goat, a marvel that must also be discovered.


Frigiliana: Sugar Cane Honey Day, on April 28th.

The Sugarcane Honey Day is organized in front of the Frigiliana sugarcane honey factory. It is the only place in continental Europe that produces it today. Sugarcane honey is a unique product. Frigiliana is also one of the most beautiful towns in Spain. This sugar cane honey is obtained from the crushing of sugar cane. The recipe has not changed for centuries.

Cane honey is used in many local dishes and is very popular with sheep's or goat's cheese. The most famous dish is “Fried eggplants with cane honey”.

Torre del Mar, Romeria 30th of April.
Origin of the Romería or the Pilgrimages:
The word "Romería" comes from "Romero". It is the name given to the pilgrims who left Hispania (Spain under the Roman Empire) to go to Rome; almost 2000 years ago.
The pilgrimages, very typical in Andalusia, therefore have very ancient origins.

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