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Holidays and Festivals Axarquia June 2024

Nerja, June 1 and 2: Contemporary Dance Exhibition

The shows will take place on the Paseo Balcón de Europa (June 1 at 9:00 p.m.) and at the Villa de Nerja Cultural Center.

Frigiliana, June 13

The Frigiliana fair is celebrated in honor of its Patron Saint San Antonio de Padua, whose festival is celebrated on June 13. Every year the roar of rockets and the flowered target mark the beginning of the San Antonio festivities, which last for five days in which different activities and contests complete the busy fair program.

The starting signal for each fair takes place each year with the gala of election of the queen of the festivities, which serves as the beginning of the activities, concerts and events that will take place during the day and night throughout the days that the holidays last. Day after day, the fall of the afternoon inaugurates the bustle, where the strident sound of sirens and horns, confused with those of attractions and the shouting of the barraqueros, give way, around midnight, to the dancing and the different performances of special relevance that take place in the official booth.


The Night of San Juan on June 23, celebrated in Andalucia along Costa del Sol.

The festival of San Juan, like many festivals, was originally a pagan festival, which was taken over by the Christian religion, and has become a traditional festival over the years.

The celebration of the bonfire will be held for the burning of the "Jua", which will be followed by a fireworks display.

The music will continue until two in the morning.


Caleta de Vélez: a large popular Moraga on the night of San Juan on June 23.

A moraga is a traditional popular festival in Andalusia and especially on the Costa del Sol. The moraga is a party that takes place on the beach.

Originally, this festival was celebrated from time to time after taking the fish out of the sea. The fish was grilled right on the beach that night.


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